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How to Find Out if You Have Bed Bugs

- Check the cracks and crevices around your bedroom and your mattress area for signs of infestation. These would include

Discarded “Skins” that bed bugs shed as they grow
You wake up with tiny red bite marks on your skin. They usually feed in groups of three consecutive bites sometimes referred as “Breakfast/lunch/dinner”
Eggs sacs ( tiny about 1 millimeter across and pearly white)
Excrement looks like poppy seeds
Bed bugs are most active between 2am and 5am, you can check the seams of your mattress and furnishings for adult Bed Bugs during these hours


  As pest professionals, we have been dealing with Bed bugs and highly recommend our integrated Pest management program.  We treat the areas of infestation and alter their life cycle and reproduction cycles.  We recommend at least a 3-6 month program due to the high chance of re infestation of the area . 

**Prior to a pest professional treating the area you should do the following: take all linens off the mattress(s), clean out ALL drawers and closets in the rooms (launder these items immediately or dispose of any unwanted items) and clean out underneath the beds and furnishings.  Then we recommend vacuuming the area thoroughly.  This will benefit you by maximizing the treatable area and allowing a thorough inspection and treatment of the area.  

Above is the life cycle of the Bed Bug.   

The above picture illustrates a bed bug infestation. As you can see the molding is covered in Bed bugs, bed bug nymphs and bed bug excrement.

Bed bugs live where they eat. Nocturnal feeders, bed bugs will hide where they can easily bite you or your pets while you sleep—and that usually means your bed. They shun light.  That isn’t the only place to find bed bugs. They will hide in furniture, cracks in the wall, in your clock radio, electrical sockets, window sills, baseboard heat and vents in your bed room, living room, even your laundry room. They sense the carbon dioxide humans and pets exhale and will crawl from room to room, seeking a blood meal.