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Rat and Mouse Infestation

Mice and Rat infestations can cause health concerns and property damage. They are scavengers and eat garbage and decaying matter.  They can carry disease and their droppings as well. They defecate in livable areas and even on and near the food they eat.  They also urinate on their routes of travel.   If you can see light through an exterior opening (electric lines/pipes/garage doors…) then a mouse can fit. A mouse is mostly cartilage and can squeeze in openings the size of a nickel.  A rat can chew through concrete. 


The first thing our pest professional will do is inspect your residence or business.  They will determine the openings or possible entry points for the rodents.  We will utilize various methods to track the rodent’s routes to ensure the best methods of treatment and closure of the entry/exit points.  We utilize safe bait traps that are sealed making them inaccessible to pets and children.  In areas where our safe traps cannot be used, any placement of cereal baits will be placed in areas inaccessible as well.  Rodent baits and poisons are a hazard if left in the open or improperly placed. Go with quality and peace of mind knowing that your safety is our concern in dealing with rodents and all facets of pest control.