Fleas “travelers” are brought in to your residence/business on a pet or by other means.  The treatment for fleas involves the inspection of the area.  The pest professional will apply a treatment to the effected areas.  The treatment will effectively kill adults and interrupt and otherwise disrupt the flea’s reproductive cycle.  Flea infestations vary and can re emerge if the avenue of entry is untreated (for pets –flea prevention, Rats/mice would need treatment for rodents) some treatments require additional treatments.  

** To best serve you, ensure the area is cleared of debris and vacuumed.  The pet bedding or any infested beddings should be washed thoroughly on high heat and or discarded in a sealed bag. 

 Carpet Beetles

 Adult carpet beetles do not feed on fabrics but seek out nectar and pollen.  These pests are brought in a residence and deposit eggs on fabrics and foods.  The larvae feed on carpet and fabric and can be visible under a close inspection; there fecal matter is about the size of a grain of salt and black.  We will treat the effected area and/or furniture.  You may need additional treatments and/or ornamental turf management if you have a large infestation of adult beetles in flower beds or landscape.  They can be difficult to manage due to their ability to find food sources.  Throw away any heavily infested fabrics and any dead insects/old bee’s nests…)

** To best serve you, ensure the area is cleared of debris and vacuumed. Launder any furniture covers/rugs on high heat or discard**


 These pests are generally an environmental issue.  Our pest control professional will inspect the area and advise you of the necessary changes you should make to eliminate the environment issues.  Treatment of effected foundation walls will provide relief, but the environment must be altered to have a lasting effect.

Pantry Pests

 A variety of different insects attack cereals, flour, herbs, chocolate and similar items in your home. The pests usually not noticed in the home until they become abundant. Flour and cereal insects are usually weevils.  The Indian meal moth is prevalent in the area. They are usually present in the food and brought into the home. Treatment involves clearing out the effected area     (dishes, sealed foods, silverware..) We recommend throwing away opened foods and grains, due to the high probability they are infested.  Call us now for a consultation and treatment of your pantry pest problems. 

Other pest problems (fleas, millipedes, pantry pests)

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